About This Working Girl

Hello! My name is Sarah and I am new to the world of personal blogging. Let me tell you a little about myself and why I wanted to start this particular blog. I just finished up my masters and started working full-time. I am from West Virginia and a country girl at heart, but now I live in beautiful Lexington, KY where I am a die-hard Wildcat fan. I have a passion for design and travel, I love the outdoors, and family is number one in my life. I have a lot of big goals for the future, but for now I’m trying to find my path in the working world.

Now that my college days are behind me, (Well, officially at least. I still have my college-kid moments of course) I find myself wanting to decorate my apartment with something other than collegiate posters and hand-me down furniture. I have started cooking more for my friends and boyfriend, and eating less ramen noodles. But I am definitely still on a budget and still learning. And I thought, hey, they are a million girls out there like me! So I thought I would start blogging about my cooking trials, cute and inexpensive decorating ideas I find, money-saving tips, anything that would be of interest to young professionals like myself. And I’ll be posting a little about my life in general. I hope you enjoy!


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